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We understand the crime and security problems that face the Municipalities, Business and The Communities, and recognize the unique opportunity to render our GSM security service to all areas

You can check out our portfolio or you can simply contact us for more information.

Our Services

  • Transformer monitoring +

    The electricity utility supplier installs transformers in the field or remote bush. The task to monitor these transformers Read More
  • Meter by-passing Prevention +

    The Lebopo Technology solution is capable of detecting any attempt to open the energy meters. This works for Read More
  • Monitoring of water pump house stations +

    Water supply in villages and remote areas relies on boreholes and either diesel run engines or electric pumps. Read More
  • Deliverables +

    (i) GSM Transmitters in all sites (ii) Area cordon off and motion detection systems (iii) Cable theft identification Read More
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  • Armed Response
  • Control Room
  • GSM
  • Product